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James Walter THOMAS (1911-1976)


James Walter THOMAS, 1944, age 33

Name: James Walter THOMAS
Sex: Male
Nickname: Jim
Father: Wallace Walter THOMAS (1867-1912)
Mother: Ellen CLARE (1870-1919)

Individual Events and Attributes

Birth 16 May 1911 St Pancras, London, UK1,2,3
62 Warren Street, South St Pancras, London, UK
Q2 1911 Pancras 1b 59 for Walter THOMAS
Baptism 14 Jun 1911 (age 0) London, UK4
St Saviour's Church, Fitzroy Sqaure
Fostering 22 Jul 1915 (age 4) Clapham, London, UK5
17 Victoria Road, Clapham, London, UK
Initial temporay placement with St Elizabeth's Receiving Home, Clapham, London; then a Home of the C of E Waifs & Strays Society (now the Children's Society)
Fostering 30 Jul 1915 (age 4) Leythonstone, East London, UK4
20 Woodville Road, Leythonstone
Moved to foster family placement with Nurse Annie Boyd & her husband at Leythonstone, East London
Fostering 11 Jan 1916 (age 4) Linton, Cambridgeshire, UK4
Linton, nr Cambridge
Moved to foster family placement with Mrs Sophia Challis & her husband at Linton village, near Cambridge
Occupation 19 Jun 1921 (age 10) Scholar; Linton, Cambridgeshire, UK
Linton, nr Cambridge
Fostering 2 Jan 1923 (age 11) Lincoln, Lincolnshire, UK4
St Hughes Home, Lincoln
Moved to a residential placement at St Hughes Home, Lincoln; then a C of E Home for Waifs & Strays (now the Childrens Society)
Occupation 21 Sep 1929 (age 18) Clerk; Lincoln, Lincolnshire, UK6
Lincoln Board of Guardians, Lincoln
Left St Hugh's Home to start work as a Clerk in the Master's Office of the Lincoln Board of Guardians at a salary of £30 a year.
Occupation 29 Sep 1939 (age 28) Senior Clerk P.A. Institutions; Bradford, Yorkshire, UK7
Bowling Park Instution, Rooley Lane, Bradford
Entry was for James W THOMAS dob 16-May-1911, single
Occupation 16 Oct 1940 (age 29) Army Other Rank; England8
Enlisted as Private in RAOC on 16-Oct-1940. Promoted to Staff Sgt, then to Officer Training.
Occupation 15 May 1943 (age 31) Army Officer9
Commissioned as 2nd Lt on 15-May-1943. Discharged as T/Captain on 04-May-1946.
Occupation c. Jun 1946 (age 35) Hospital Secretary; Hull, Yorkshire, UK
Beverley Road Hospital, Hull
Occupation 8 Apr 1951 (age 39) Hospital Secretary & Treasurer; Ilkley, Yorkshire, UK
Flat off Cowpasture Road, Ilkley, Yorkshire
Occupation 23 Apr 1961 (age 49) Hospital Treasurer; Ben Rhydding, nr Ilkley, Yorkshire, UK
Rowan House, Southway, Ben Rhydding
Occupation 25 Apr 1971 (age 59) Hospital Treasurer; Ben Rhydding, nr Ilkley, Yorkshire, UK
Rowan House, Southway, Ben Rhydding
Occupation Sep 1973 (age 62) Retired; Addingham, Yorkshire
18 Moor Park Crescent, Addingham, Yorkshire, UK
Death 28 Dec 1976 (age 65) Ilkley, Yorkshire, UK10
Coronation Hospital, Ilkley, Yorkshire, UK
Q4 1976 Bradford 4 0371 for James Walter THOMAS



Spouse: Alice REDDIHOUGH, 1939, age 21

Spouse Alice REDDIHOUGH (1918-1981)
Marriage 25 Apr 1940 (age 28) Bradford, Yorkshire, UK11
St Johns Church, Bierly, Bradford, Yorkshire, UK
Q2 1940 Bradford 9b 10 for James W THOMAS m Alice REDDIHOUGH

Individual Note

In adult life, always known as Jimmy. James Walter THOMAS was born in St Pancras, London in 1911; named on his birth cert as Walter (not James Walter). His father was Wallace Walter THOMAS, then a Hotel Kitchen Porter, and his mother was Ellen TRICKS nee CLARE. His father Wallace Walter THOMAS died in 1912, and his mother Ellen was hospitalised with a severe stroke in 1915, leaving James then aged 4, plus 2 older step-siblings, to fend for themselves.

James was placed (fostered) with the (then) Waifs & Stays Society.

As a teenager, James was moved to a C of E Orphanage in Lincoln (where he met Bert Mapson, who was a visiting trainee priest). James was sent to work as an Office Boy at age 14 on 5 shillings a week, but for the next 4 years from 1925 to 1929 he attended evening classes in Lincoln Technical College.

By 1939 he had moved to a post as a Clerk in Bradford City Municipal (TB) Hospital. He lodged in Rooley Lane, Bradford, where he met Alice REDDIHOUGH; whom he married in 1940.

James enlisted in the Army as Private in the RAOC on 16 Oct 1940, rising to Staff Sergeant by 1943. He was then commissioned as 2nd Lieutenant, rising to Temporary Captain in 1944; all these postings being at various Army Bases in the UK. He suffered a motor cycle accident in May 1944, and was hospitalised in Wellingborough for a week.

On 7 April 1945 James embarked to serve with the 7th Armoured Brigade Workshops of the 8th Army (Reserve) of the CMF (Central Mediterranean Force) in Italy until his return on 25 Feb 1946. Whilst in Italy he was Acting Major. James was discharged from the Army on 4 May 1946 in the rank of T/Captain 276843 J.W.THOMAS.

He then worked his way up as a Hospital Secretary & Treasurer in the NHS, rising to become Treasurer of the Wharfedale Group of Hospitals by the time of his retirement.

James Walter THOMAS died of a cerebral tumour & pneumonia in the Coronation Hospital, Ikley, aged 65. His wife survived him by 5 years.




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