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Wilfred Harry George PERRY (1920-2008)


Wilfred Harry George PERRY, 1944, age 23

Name: Wilfred Harry George PERRY
Sex: Male
Nickname: Wilf
Father: Hubert John PERRY (1891-1983)
Mother: Nellie Hilda WHITTINGHAM (1893-1985)

Individual Events and Attributes

Birth 20 Nov 1920 Balsall Heath, Birmingham, UK1,2,3
201, Stoney Lane, Basall Heath, Birmingham, UK
Q4 1920 Kings Norton 6d 128 for Wilfred H G PERRY
Occupation 19 Jun 1921 (age 0) Infant At Home; Birmingham, UK
Occupation 26 Apr 1931 (age 10) Scholar; Birmingham, UK
Occupation 29 Sep 1939 (age 18) Mechanical Draughtsman (Machine Tools); Birmingham, UK4
33 Stotfold Road, Birmingham, UK
Entry was for Wilfred HG PERRY dob 20-Nov-20, single
Occupation 25 Apr 1971 (age 50) Spar Shop Owner; Portland, Dorset, UK
22 Easton Street, Portland, Dorset
Occupation 5 Apr 1981 (age 60) Retired; Portland, Dorset, UK
2 Langley Close, Southwell, Portland, Dorset
Occupation Nov 1981 (age 60-61) Retired; Beer, Somerset
Fyddlers End, Beer, Aller, nr. Langport, Somerset
Occupation 21 Apr 1991 (age 70) Retired; Llanilar, Dyfed
23 TalarDeg, Llanilar, nr. Aberyswyth, Dyfed
Occupation 29 Apr 2001 (age 80) Retired; Llanilar, Dyfed
23 TalarDeg, Llanilar, nr. Aberyswyth, Dyfed
Occupation Jul 2006 (age 85) Retired; Tywyn, Gwynedd, Wales, UK
Alexandra Nursing Home, Sandilands Rd, Tywyn, Wales, UK
Death 10 Apr 2008 (age 87) Tywyn, Gwynedd, Wales, UK5
Alexandra Nursing Home, Sandilands Rd, Tywyn, Wales, UK
Burial 14 Apr 2008 Llanilar, Dyfed
Llanilar Churchyard, Llanilar, nr Aberystwyth, Wales, UK, Dyfed



Spouse: Catherine D Thelma BOWEN, 1944, age 22

Spouse Catherine D Thelma BOWEN (1921-2004)
Marriage 1 Jan 1944 (age 23) Yardley Wood, Birmingham, UK6
Our Lady of Lourdes RC Church, Yardley Wood
Q1 1944 Birmingham 6d 975 for Wilfred H G PERRY m Catherine D T BOWEN

Individual Note

Always known as Wilf. Wilfred Harry George Perry was born in Birmingham as an only child. His father was Hubert John Perry who worked on the Birmingham trams, and his mother was Nellie Hilda Perry nee Whittingham who ran a small corset-making business. In 1934 aged 14, Wilf started work as an office boy with Taylors' Machine Tool Manufacturing company in Birmingham. Wilf had advanced to Draughtsman with Taylors by 1939, which was a reserved occupation during the second world war. In 1943 he was seconded for 1 year to work at Farnborough as part of the war effort. He later learnt that he was producing parts drawings for Squadron Leader Frank Whittle who was developing the first UK jet engine. After returning from secondment, he married local girl Thelma Bowen, who was then working at the BSA factory in Birmingham. They had two children. Over the next two decades, Wilf’s career at Taylors continued to progress and prosper; and the family eventually bought their own new detached house in Solihull. By 1968 Wilf had progressed to be Publicity Manager at Taylors; but he saw the writing on the wall for the UK Machine Tool Industry, and bravely decided to get out. Accordingly Wilf and Thelma sold their house to finance the purchase of a small Spar Shop on Portland, Dorset; and moved with their family to live in rented accommodation over the shop - at Easter 1969. Over the years this Business grew and prospered. Wilf also became active in local politics, culminating in being elected Mayor of Portland Town Council in 1977. Wilf and Thelma sold the Spar Shop in December 1978, and retired at the age of 58 firstly moving to live in Somerset, and then later moving to Llanilar, near Aberystwyth in 1990. During the last decade and a half, the insidious onset of dementia caused increasing problems for the family. Wilf’s wife Thelma died in July 2004, and so for the last two years Wilf was a resident at the Alexandra Nursing Home, Tywyn. Wilf died in 2008 having reached the ripe old age of 87 years and was buried with his wife Thelma in Llanilar Churchyard.




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