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George Thomas GUNNING (1860-1909)

Name: George Thomas GUNNING
Sex: Male
Father: Thomas GUNNING (1825-1886)
Mother: Ellen KEENEHAN (c. 1837-1887)

Individual Events and Attributes

Birth Q4 1860 Dublin, Ireland1,2,3
Calculated from age shown on 1871 census
Occupation 2 Apr 1871 (age 10) Scholar; Hulme, Lancashire, UK4
17 Anson Street, Hulme, Lancashire, UK
Entry was for George GUNNING stated age 10
Occupation 3 Apr 1881 (age 20) Chair Maker; Hulme, Lancashire, UK5
38 Sutherland Street, Hulme, Lancashire, UK
Entry was for Geo Thos GANNING stated age 21
Occupation 5 Apr 1891 (age 30) Chair Maker; Keighley, Yorkshire, UK6
13 Beta Street, Keighley, UK
Entry was for George GUNNING stated age 30
Occupation 31 Mar 1901 (age 40) Chair Maker; Keighley, Yorkshire, UK7
8 Haynes Street, Keighley, UK
Entry was for George GUNNING stated age 40
Death 23 Jun 1909 (age 48) Keighley, Yorkshire, UK8
8 Haynes Street, Keighley, UK
Q2 1909 Keighley 9a 135 George GUNNING stated age 48



Daughter: Louisa GUNNING, 1944, age 54

Spouse Emma KIRKWOOD (1858-1908)
Children Elizabeth Ellen GUNNING (1881-1887)
Emma GUNNING (1882-1959)
George GUNNING (1884-1971)
Edith GUNNING (1886-1942)
Florence GUNNING (1888-1970)
Louisa GUNNING (1890-1981)
Laura GUNNING (1893-1894)
Thomas GUNNING (1895-1974)
Lucy GUNNING (1896-1975)
Agnes GUNNING (1900-1987)
Marriage 11 Aug 1879 (age 18) Lower Broughton, Lancashire, UK9
Church Of The Ascension, Lower Broughton, Lancashire, UK
Q3 1879 Salford 8d 15 for George GUNNING m. Emma KIRKWOOD (bride's stated age 20)

Individual Note

George Thomas Gunning was born in Dublin, Ireland about 1860, when his mother Ellen returned home to her parents for her first confinement (whilst his father was likely posted abroad in the British Army). His father was Thomas Gunning, a Corporal in the 36th Foot, and his mother was Ellen Gunning nee Keenehan. In 1871 aged 10 he was a scholar in Hulme, Manchester, his father having left the Army. In 1879 aged 18 George, then a Chair Maker, married Emma Kirkwood, in Lower Broughton, Salford. By 1885, the family had moved to Keighley. George continued to be a Chair Maker, taking on his brother Leonard as an apprentice by 1891. Thomas & Emma had 9 children, 1 dying in childhood. Louisa Gunning was one of the survivors, being born in Keighley in 1890. George Gunning died of tuberculosis comparatively young in 1909 aged 48, having survived his wife by one year. George's youngest daughter was 8 at the time of his death.




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